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Articles about Food/Food Studies/Food and Culture
    Barham, Elizabeth
    • 2003  Translating Terroir: the Global Challenge of French AOC Labeling. Journal of Rural Studies, 19. (link to pdf)
    Burnett, Victoria
    • 2012  A Bridge-Building, Cross-Cultural Art Project That’s Also Delicious. The New York Times, May 17. (link to article)
    Fernholz, Tim, and Dylan C. Lathrop
    • 2011  America Isn't a Melting Pot: It's a Sandwich. Good: Food, September 29. (link to article)
    Fischler, Claude
    • 1988  Food, Self and Identity. Social Science Information 27:275-292. (link to article)
    Kleiman, Dena
    • 1991  A University Offers Food for Thought. The New York Times, November 20. (link to article) 
    Leschziner, Vanina
    • 2007  Kitchen Stories: Patterns of Recognition in Contemporary High Cuisine. Sociological Forum, March: 22.1. (link to article)  
    Lindsay, Jenn
    • 2012  Culinary Pluralism; or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Olive. State of Formation, February 15. (link to article)
    Meneley, Anne
    • 2004  Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Slow Food. Anthropologica, 46(2). (link to abstract)
    Mintz, Sidney W., and Christine M. Du Bois
    • 2002  The Anthropology of Food and Eating. Annual Review of Anthropology, May 10: 31. (link to article)
    Peace, Adrian
    • 2006  Barossa Slow: The Representation and Rhetoric of Slow Food's Regional Cooking. Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture, 6.1. (link to article)
    Raman, Parvathi
    • 2011  "Me in Place, and the Place in Me": A Migrant's Tale of Food, Home and Belonging. Food, Culture & Society, June: 14.2. (link to abstract) 
    Shields-Argelès, Christy
    • 2004  Imagining the Self and the Other: Food and Identity in France and the United States. Food, Culture & Society 7(2):13-28.
    Spiegel, Jan E.
    • 2012  Truly Food for Thought. The New York Times, April 13. (link to article)
    Trubek, Amy B.
    •  2008  The Taste of Place: A Cultural Journey into Terroir. Berkeley: University of California Press. (link to chapter one)
    Wilk, Richard R.
    • 1999  "Real Belizean Food": Building Local Identity in the Transnational Caribbean. American Anthropologist 101(2):244-255. (link to article)

Do you have any suggestions for important readings related to the study and/or appreciation of food? If so, comment below!

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