Friday, 4 February 2011

This Morning's Midnight Meal: Two-Story Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Nutella, Warm Chocolate Minute Milk, and Crispy Bacon

Yesterday afternoon, I finally received my re-ordered pots and pans that my sister had bought for my Christmas gift; subsequently, I began planning for a Super Bowl feast as the first meal with the cookware. Despite all that planning (which may or may not actually happen), notes of hunger as I watched "ICA: Battle Clams" were taken as a sign that the cookware needed to be broken in sooner rather than later. Just an hour beforehand I randomly thought about pancakes and how I could make those from scratch, without boxed pancake mix. And so, dear reader, I present to you my midnight meal, which included a successful batch of what I'm calling "2-story chocolate chip pancakes."

(Un)surprisingly, the ingredient list isn't über-extensive (nor -expensive) and it all begins with melting 1 tbsp butter in the microwave (about 20-30 sec, in 10-sec increments, should do the trick). Start off with the butter, as you'll need to give it some time to cool off. As that's cooling, mix well 1 c flour with 1 packed tsp each baking powder and dark brown sugar. In a separate bowl, beat well one egg and mix in a few drops of vanilla extract and 3/4 c milk; add the cooled-off, melted butter to the liquid mix (hot butter will begin to cook/separate the egg and milk). Then, incorporate the liquid mix to the dry mix. By this point, check on the consistency of the (now) pancake batter, which should be fairly "flexible." Add additional milk (up to 1/4 c) just until the batter starts to relax (read: spread). Finish off the batter with a generous handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips (or whatever it is you want to fill it with, e.g., blueberries).

As the pancakes have a thick consistency (more so than a regular pancake), spread the batter as quickly as you can. You want to cook these on medium heat and, depending on your pan, they will start to brown almost immediately. On my non-stick pan, I know the pancake is ready to flip when the pancake has darkened in colour and can slide around when the pan is shaken; once flipped, gently press the top of the pancake with a spatula to even out the batter. After perhaps another flip (ensuring the excess batter is cooked through), the pancake is done.

Above is a photo of just four pancakes. Hopefully you understand why I call each of these "2-story," as they're practically twice the thickness of a regular pancake. This particular batch of batter makes 5-6 pancakes.

As alluded to in the blog post title, I plated the pancakes with 1 tbsp of warmed Nutella, crispy bacon (first time I've ever cooked bacon this perfectly), and what I'm calling "warm hot chocolate minute milk." Take about 1 c or so of milk and heat it up for 20 sec in the microwave. To this, add 1 tbsp good quality hot cocoa mix, and microwave for an additional 20 sec. Finally, stir the milk and cocoa mix, and microwave for a final 20 sec; the result is a slightly thickened cup of warm chocolate milk. Mmmm! For more photos of my midnight meal, click here.

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