Thursday, 10 March 2011

One of the Simplest "Recipes" in My Collection

I distinctly remember one rainy afternoon in New York, during the summer of 2009. And by raining, I mean there was a total downpour and those of us running around the city to grab last-minute groceries didn't have umbrellas with us. We eventually got to a wonderful apartment and I somehow found myself at work in a kitchen just barely larger than the cooking space I had in Paris. Among the courses were chicken cordon bleu, ravioletti, wedge salad, bread, cheese, and forgettable store-bought chocolate mousse and (Americanized) chocolate croissants. Yet, one thing stood out amongst them all: Nutella-filled strawberries, a revelation of sorts it seemed, but for some reason still holds true today as I re-share this recipe.

Literally, and I mean literally, carefully use a knife to slice off the top of each washed strawberry and core it, scraping out as much of the sour-ish core as you possible can. Next, invert the strawberries onto a napkin/towel to allow for as much inner moisture to drain out. This is important because the excess moisture makes it difficult for the filling to stay inside. Work the Nutella a bit (especially if it's cold) so that it has a smooth consistency, and fill each strawberry. Take note that the larger a core you scrape out the more delicious Nutella you can have.

Arguably, Nutella-filled strawberries are much better than chocolate-covered ones. So, enjoy and do let me know what you think!

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