Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I Was Hungry Last Night, So I Cooked Food

Unsurprisingly, I found myself hungry last night and decided to cook some food. While I typically do not post recipes or "common" meal experiences, this is one that has helped to shape how I identify what I find to be in the spirit of this blog. This said, I am writing about this part of my journey because I was able to use some of the chicken and chicken stock I recently broke down and made, respectively!

In a small pot, get 1 c chicken stock boiling and cook 1/2 c orzo pasta, covered.

As the pasta is cooking, dice half a medium onion. After sautéing them (until they sweat and change colour) in a few teaspoons of canola oil, add an Angus beef sausage sliced at the bias and then in half, as shown in the above left photo. Toss everything together; after the sausage has darkened (i.e., cooked), check on your orzo, as that should be cooked by this point. Into the sauté pan, include a chicken breast, cubed into bite-size pieces. After adding salt and black pepper to the mix, continue to cook everything together, until the chicken itself has cooked thoroughly.

When the meat and onions have cooked, cover the pan with a lid to keep everything warm. After doing so, take out a flat fry pan and "fry" (read: brown) pineapple rings and an ataulfo mango to allow the sugars to caramelize. Once browned, carefully (because it's hot) dice up the pineapple and mango and along with the juices, place this all in a bowl. Dice up a small roma tomato, as well as a jalapeño pepper, and add this to the fried fruit.

To plate, lay down a third of the orzo and top it with the meat-onion mix, closely followed by the spicy fried pineapple mango salsa. With an interestingly welcomed texture from the salsa (due to the softened fruit from frying), this is certainly one meal that brings together some "random" ingredients, no? For other photos from this meal, click here.

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