Saturday, 2 April 2011

This One Takes the Cake (Literally): My "Books 2 Eat" Entry, pt 3

Parts 1 and 2 of my cake posts have so far chronicled the journey of my Books 2 Eat entry. And now, it's time to find out how everything came together, how others interpreted their books, and how the cake actually tasted.

After what I'd estimate to be an elapsed time of seven hours (oh, the irony), my version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (book 7 of the series, if you're still thinking about the first clause of this sentence) was complete. And as I sit here Saturday night writing this post and watching the finale of last season's "Last Cake Standing" playing on Food Network, I continue to be amazed at how quickly they can pull together stunningly intricate and technical cakes like clockwork. In any case, it's now Friday morning in this chronicle of blog posts and it's time to transport my book-sized cake (ha, compared to the 5' cakes the competitors are pulling together as I type) up the hill and to the library. Thankfully, everything gets to the library in tact and I transport it first to a cooler holding room while the hours tick away and I can display my entry with the others. By 2:30pm, all the entries were in place and wow! From book puns to literal representations and from "no inspiration" to elaborate creativity, staff, faculty, students (including two class projects), and members from the Granville community, submitted real page turners, two memorable ones of which are shown below:

"A Sprinkle in Thyme" by Pam (detail)

"Nuthin'" by Peggy Rector

To see the remaining entries, as well as the winners, click here.

(Best of Show)

As for the cutting of my cake--the first cut of which is always the toughest--I went for it and divied it up.

And voilà! Did the dark chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream and tangy strawberry filling taste good? Yeah, I'd say so... all of it to the very last slice.

If you haven't stopped by yet to see the other entries and find out who the winners were, click here. Oh! And as one might expect, I'm not the only one that's tried to recreate the seventh Harry Potter book; I wonder what the dimensions of these are... click here for followthesun's version, as well as one by the owners of cakelava in Hawaii. The folks at cakelava also did an above-and-beyond cake for book six. And that's all I'm writing for this post. As for what others wrote, click here for an article by Anna Sudar of the Newark Advocate.

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