Monday, 27 June 2011

More Cooking at Home: an Italian-Inspired Lunch

Well, it's official. The ten-hour countdown finally arrived this evening and if you've been following my blog lately, you'll see I've been a bit behind in the posting. I had of course hoped to finish these up before my departure, but at least I'll have some work to occupy my time before I meet the students at the airport in New York. This evening (Sunday), my sister and I cooked chicken tenders (utilizing the remaining tenderloins mentioned in the rest of this post) and corn on the cob as part of my last "American" meal before leaving for France in the morning. That said, let's get to the focus of this post: a brief departure from my French cuisine and a side trip to another familiar culinary point of view, Italian. Over the past few years, I've certainly cooked quite a bit but haven't done as much guided instruction; this changed this past weekend as my sister joined me in the kitchen as we worked on handmade pasta (which, depending on how we cut the dough, came out somewhere between tagliatelle and linguine), breading and frying up chicken cubes, and serving this all baked under a mozzarella crust and with Italian bread toasts.

Blog post in the works...

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